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Santilli Alderighi: Godiva soleva


Spycherweg 9
Niederhasli, CH 8155
ph. +41 (0)78 634 18 06
em. management@santillialderighi.com


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Santilli Alderighi „Godiva soleva“ - MR 874 527

While it would be accurate to describe Santilli Alderighi’s debut album as „chamber jazz“, this label does not truly reflect the wide musical range on offer here. Marco Santilli’s compositional style consciously employs the expressiveness of both classical music and jazz. With an almost dreamlike stylistic assuredness, he creates a framework which brings the colorful sonic spectrum of his clarinet and bass clarinet to light, as well as giving Paolo Alderighi and his piano ample room to breathe. It is even nicer to let the titles such as “Il tanghero va all’immusonita sciorinando lusinghe” (a scoundrel heaps flattery on a lady with a sulky face) slowly melt across your tongue, and then lose yourself in the poetry of the music...

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