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4, Rue du Puits
BOLE by Neuchatel, 2014 Switzerland
ph. 0041 32 8415544
em. on-air@radio-jazz.com


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The concept of a topical radio specialised in jazz-focused music was born between 1995 an 97 from an idea of its creator, Philippe Zumbrunn (a Jazz fan since 1946) based on the realization that this type of radio could find some response given the massive audiences of the three main Jazz festivals in French-speaking Switzerland, namely those of Montreux (July), Cully (March), as well a the “11 plus” in Lausanne (Oct.—Nov.).

From the start, several personalities of the Jazz scene in French-speaking Switzerland agreed to cooperate, among whom Claude Nobs (Montreux—Jazz), Peter Schmidlin (TCB records), Jacques Muyal (musicologist and producer of Jazz films and DVD’s) and Kurt Weil (vibraphonist and co-publisher and editor of the German-Swiss magazine “Jazz’N’more, Fabrice the famous French-TV compère and Jazz fan, and many more personalities.

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