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Jazz Verein moods Schiffbaustrasse 6
Zurich, Switzerland
ph. 0041 44 276 80 00
em. info@moods.ch


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Date Time Title Price
Sep18Tue 20:30 20:30
Antoine Boyer, Samuelito, Sönke Meinen
Oct2Tue 19:00 19:00
James Farm
Oct5Fri 20:30 20:30
Colin Stetson
Oct6Sat 20:30 20:30
Camille Bertault
Oct12Fri 20:30 20:30
Ana Carla Maza
Oct14Sun 19:00 19:00
Aline Frazão, Gisela João
Oct19Fri 20:30 20:30
Cory Wong


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The jazz club moods sponsors moods im Schiffbau and is responsible for the largest part of its programming. Moods has been assigned the task of advancing the Zurich jazz scene through the operation of an appropriate music venue and of strengthening the reputation of this venue by signing on well-known international artists.

The main thrust of the programming at moods is jazz - loosely defined. That is to say, not only the traditional forms of jazz are featured, but also current mixes of jazz and folk music, jazz and classical music, jazz and rock and jazz and improvisational music. In addition, moods occasionally sponsors innovative, complementary projects in border areas such as literature, video or theater.


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