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Lucerne School Of Music: Jazz Departement


Zentralstrasse 18
Zurich, Switzerland
ph. +41 41 412 2056
em. haemi.haemmerli@hslu.ch


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The Jazz school Lucerne was founded in 1972 and started with offering courses for amateur musicians. in 1990, a Professional Department was added with a four years study programme which lead to an nationally recognised instrumental/ vocal teacher’s diploma. in the year 1999, the Jazz school Lucerne joined to- gether with the Lucerne conservatory and the Lucerne Academy for school and church Music to form the Lucerne school of Music which became a part of the Lucerne university of Applied sciences and Arts. the professional education then consisted of a 2 years basic programme and a 2 to 3 years main study programme in Jazz Performance, composition/Arrangement and instrumental/ Vocal teaching. in 2005, the Lucerne school of Music introduced bachelor and Master programmes according to the bologna system. Master programmes include Majors and Minors in Jazz Performance, composition, instrumental/Vocal teaching, Music in Education, contemporary Art Performance.

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